Thursday, January 29, 2015

कर्णालीको बिकास: रास्टिय बिकास र पहिचान

Women with Disability in Jumla, a district of  Karnali

cToGt} v';L 5' lsgsL, s0ff{nLsf] ljsf;sf nflu ;bgb]vL ;8s, a'9fa'9Lb]vL afns ;a}n] s'/f ug{ yfn]sf cy{ft\ lrlGtt b]lvPsf 5g\ . km]l/ Tolt g} b'vL 5', lsgsL pxfFx¿sf] egfO{ / n]vfO{df ljut !% jif{b]vL nuftf/ oxL ;'lg/x]5' ls s0ff{nLsf] dfG5] ;'g eP/ klg g'g vfg gkfP/ d/]sf 5g, ;/sf/n] x]nf uof]{, ;f}t]gL Jojxf/ uof]{ . clg s]xL lj1x¿sf] egfO{ rfxL ;+/rgf ePg, af6f] ePg, P]ltxfl;s e"dL, k|fs[lts ;Dkbfsf] wgL cflb .

s'/f]sf] r'/f] rfFxL s0ff{nLsf] ljsf; k|lt ePsf] u/La dfgl;stf cy{ft\ gsf/fTds ;f]r cyf{t\ ;xfg'e"tL k|bTt egfO xf] . h;n] hgtfsf] efjgf cfslif{t ug{ ;lsof];\ / /fhg}tLs jf zlQmsf b[li6sf]0fn] k|efjzfnL aGg ;lsof];\ .

jf:tjdf s0ff{nLsf] ljsf;nfO{ /fli6«o ljsf; / klxrfg;Fu ljin]if0f / of]hgf aGg'kb{5, ta dfq jf:tljs ¿kfGt/0f, zflGt / ;d[4L ;Dej 5 . cfh lqe'jg cGt/fli6«o ljdfg:yndf Oldu|]zgsf] kmf/fd eg{ ghfGg]sf] eL8 w]/} 5 / sl/a !% ;o o'jfx? k|ltlbg b]zaf6 aflxl/G5g, dfq c¿sf] gf]s/ aGg . h;/L cfwf ztfAbL klxn] ef/t hfg] k/Dk/f lyof] . ljb]zsf] xfjfkfgL, k|ljwLaf6 ljt[i0ff dfq} xf]Og kfl/jfl/s larNnL / 56kl6g]x¿sf] ;+Vof klg 8/nfUbf] 5 . j}wflgs af6f] k|of]u ug{]x¿sf] lx;fa ug{] xf] eg] klg Ps lbgdf & j6f nf;sf afs; g]kfn lelqlG5g\ . oL ;a} lsg eO/x]sf] 5 / lsgeg] b]zdf /f]huf/ 5}Gf .
The natural resources and geography from Jumla, a district of Karnali

ljb]zdf ul/g] e]8f, 3f]8f, pF6, v]ltkftLsf] sfdaf6 nfP/, vfP/ /fd|f] zfx' k/]5 eg] g]kfnL !) xhf/ arfpg] xf] k|lt dlxfgf . t/ b]zdf 7"nf7'nf snsf/vfgf v'nfpg g;s]klg sRrf kbfy{ jf k/Dk/fut ?kdf ul/Psf] ef}lts hldg la/fgf] aGb} uPsf] 5 .

s0ff{nLsf] k|fs[lts ;|f]t / ;Dkbfsf] ;+/If0f / k|jb{\wg ub{} la/fgf] aGb} uPsf kmfF6 / n]sx¿df :ofpm, cf]v/, c+u'/, cf¿av8f, hf}, ux'F ds}, cfn' cflb dfq} kmnfP/ k|of]u ug{ ;s]klg ljb]z w]/}nfO{ hfg' kb{}g . ;odf ;o /f]Sg g x'G5 g ;lsG5 . g]kfnu~hsf] ljdfg:ynsf] u]6df ef/t / rLgsf :ofpm a]lrG5g\ . t/, s0ff{nLsf :ofpmFnfO{ s;/L k|of]u ug{], Joj:yfkg ug{] eGg] ljsNk cfh;Dd vf]lhPsf] 5}g\ . s0ff{nL g]kfnsf] !% k|ltzt e"efu cf]u6]sf] If]q xf], hxfF afWotfaz ljb]z hfg tof/ ePsf g]kfnL o'jfx¿nfO{ RofgnfOGH8 ug{ ;s]df n]s e/L el/nf] dfq} geO{ g]kfns} ljsf; x'g ;S5 .

The Organic architect in Karnali 

s0ff{nLdf kmnkm"nsf] dfq} ;Defjgf geP/ hl8a'6Lsf] klg ;Defjgf 5 . cfhsf lbgdf klg s'g hl8a'6L /fd|f] / s'g g/fd|f] eGg] sltnfO{ yfxf 5}g\ eg] slt hl8a'6L ;f]em} rLg jf ef/t k'U5g, hxfF ls;fgn] ;flRrs} kfpg] /sd kfO/x]sf 5}gg\ . s0ff{nLdf cfhsf] lbgdf  sflnsf]6, h'Dnf, d'u'{ g/fd|} ePklg df]6/ af6f]n] 5f]Psf] 5 . h'Dnfsf] s'/f ug{] xf] eg] t af6f] gk'u]sf] ufFpm g} 5}g . t/, df]6/ klg u'8]sf] slx 5}g\ . ufpmF / vfB;+:yfgdf ljut #-$ jif{b]vL ux'F, hf} laqmL ePsf] 5}g\ . To;}n] ux'\F, hf} nufpg] cEof; klg sd x'Fb} uPsf] 5 . t/, ef/tsf] s]/]nfdf hf}af6 u'0f:t/lxg ;jf]Qd lk7f] s0ff{nLsf ufpFufpFdf s/f]8f} k};f vr{ u/]/ k'U5g\ . oxfFg]/ ;jf]Qd lk7f]nfO{ u'0f:t/lxg eGg'sf] tfTko{ s] xf] eg] g tL lk7f]sf] Kofs]6df g ldlt n]lvPsf] x'G5 g ;dodf k'U5g\, g aRrfn] vfG5g\ < vfG5g\ t ufO{F e};Ln] vfG5g . lsgeg] hgtfnfO{ o;k|lt ljZjf; g} 5}g\ . t/, b'e{fUog} eGg' k5{ ufFpmufpmFsf ^) b]vL *) k|ltzt aRrf / jo:s b'j} s'kf]if0faf6 u|l;t 5g\ .
Natural beauty, shot from Kudari

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Our Futures and Hope :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

आकाश पाए,

आकाश पाए, धर्ती पाए, पाये पुरै संसार ,
तिमी आएउ, बनेउ मेरो अंुल्य उपहार .
उर्जा थपियो जिबनमा देखेर तिम्रो मुहार,
सौभाग्य मिलेको छ जिन्दगीमा तिमी आएर .
सिकाएउ धैर्यता, सङ्रश महगुरु बनेर ,
सँगइ रहे, सधैं रहे मेरो कबच् बनेर ।

Monday, January 12, 2015

Our Journey to Ghale Gaun Lamjung : Tuka Chhetri-Sandwell

There are many places in Nepal with full of natural wonders which is not appreciated while you are young and seen it every day. It is experience of maturing and travelling around world makes one realize the true value of those wonders one grew up with.

I was born and brought up in Duradanda, Lamjung and had a privileged to study at Sarbodaya High School established in 2009. Radha Paudel a Nurse, Peace maker, social worker  and winner of international peace award and most prestigious Nepali award ‘Madan Puraskar’ 3rd women to receive in history has strong root to Lamjung had desire to visit Ghale Gaun for last decade and we decided to put our plan to implement.

We, my brother, nephews, Radha and I started our journey to Ghale Gaun on 27th October 2014. Journey to Besi Sahar, District headquartor of Lamjung was smooth and comfortable in the context of Nepali Road.

                                             Road to Ghale Gaun (photo from above)

Our Journey began at 3pm local time and road condition appeared worse than Jumla which I experienced in our last trip. My nephews had knowledge of driving in different road conditions and they were very helpful to clear the road as we go and directing the driver, despite all this the driver was grumpy to the extreme and to some extent we started regretting our travel plan we thought we were in danger too. Eventually we arrived to our destination at 7 pm without major incidence despite the dangerous road and unhappy driver.
We were welcomed at Ghale Gaun and accommodated in several house. We all enjoyed the locally grown home cooked meal (cooked in agena) by sitting and eating around it on Gundri.

Radha started to interview the daughter of land lord, young girl visiting her parents in Tihar. I was amazed by Radha’s question very private in nature and young girl’s answer in such innocent/shy expression which sunk in my heart. We, Radha, Girl and I had good laugh at the time but I still have that innocent face fresh in my memory.

On 28th morning we started at 6am to view the sun rise, we were able to see Annapurna range, Lamjung Himal, Manaslu, Ganesh and only a tip of Machhapuchre on the left. It might be breath taking for many people but to me It was little disappointment because I was spoilt by the childhood memory of snowy mountain surrounded 90 degree from our Aagan. We all (my family) thought Turlungkot in Duradanda would have been the better tourist spot than Ghale Gaun.

                                                             Sunrise at 6 am Ghale Gaun

Duradanda my birth place in Lamjung has changed a lot because of being the pioneer in education after the independence in 2007. The education brings changes for better I guess.
Ghale Gaun in other hand I found unchanged, they still have the house build by their great grand parent, traditional style of farming, traditional costume which makes Ghale Gaun unique.
People from ghale Gaun are self sufficient economically according to the locals we chat with, they grow rice, millet, corn, soya beans, mas, local seasonal vegetable, even their own tea.
The houses who meet the criteria (modern toilet, shower, running water and separate beds in sharing room) to accommodate tourist have another source of income and are better off than others

                            My brother trying to pick the tea in Ghale Gaun Tea Garden.

                           Our Landlord’s house Radha peeping out from the window.

Radha - A Nurse, Peacemaker, Great social worker, Author, True Volunteer and little Ghale girl. Whatever you do, you do it very passionately as well as selflessly from the bottom of your heart and I have great respect for you for your compassion, dedication and true determination. People like you are far and few between in the universe.
I would like to wish you very best of everything to continue your journey to fulfil the dream you created which you shared on our way to Kathmandu in a car during 2 hrs traffic jam and I rejoiced  in pretension of  ‘Bhanu Bhakta and Ghanshi’.

                          Local man, Radha and Master wearing traditional Bakhhu.

                      Our Landlord with Khurpeto and Aansi ready to go to ghas katna.

                    My family in front of Bhedigotha and mountain at the back ground.

Other thing brought my childhood memory back is ‘Bhedigotha’ when people used to bring all their Bheda (sheep herd) to the warmer place when the winter sets in and sheep do not get any grass.
We had a privileged to see the Bhedigotha and meet some of their sheep dogs and shepherd.
When the sun was rising high then the cloud took over to cover the magnificent snowy mountains we enjoyed few minutes ago.
Then it was time to say good bye to Ghale Gaun and start the difficult journey back to Besisahar and to Kathmandu.
We were bid traditional farewell by our land lady by putting tika on our forehead and mala from the local flowers.

            Landlady putting tika to bid farewell to their guest which is their tradition.
This was our second day at Ghale Gaun and we were preparing to leave with very heavy heart. We were so much like family with this girl third from the right partly because we were Lamjunge and she goes to Turlungkot Kalika Mela (my village) every year in Chaitra Dashain where many people from Lamjung gather to celebrate the festival.

Another interesting thing worth looking is their museum which depicts very traditional Gurung/Ghale Costume, jewellery, Dhiki/Jato, Banduk, Shyakhu, khurpeto, Theki, Hukka/chilim,Bhangra for man and , Ghalek for women, Doko, Soli, Nanglo, Chhatri including Thal/Kachhaura, Ankhara still use.
This museum made me realise we, Bahun/Chhetri have nothing to be proud of our tradition.
I hope the road to Ghale Gaun attracts government’s attention to progress tourism.

Our journey back appear better because the driver was in pleasent mood perhaps Ghale Gaun was his jurney of a life time.
Sadly all the good things must come to an end but our memory is fresh of that most relaxing two days we had.
It was purely relaxing break for couple days with good view, innocent people but soon I realesed the word RELAXATION in Radha’s dictionary is underconsidered.

October 2014

Saturday, January 10, 2015

मेरो पहिलो भाषा

मेरो पहिलो भाषा 
पहिलो सास फेरेको भाषा
मन्छे जस्तै भएर पाएको भाषा
फेरी पनि पहिलो हुन्न किन
म दुख्दा रुन हुन्न किन
मैले चिच्याएर पाउन्न रुन किन

Dedicated to Shranshila 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

May be this is manhood

हुनुको मत्लब येहि होला,
पर्दा अगाडि अर्कै,
पर्दा पछाडि बेग्लै ।
सकेको कसरी हास्न,
अरुलाई रुआएर बेसरी?
प्रश्न उठ्छ मनमा,
रुवाएर एउटा मान्छे,
बस्छ कसरी फेरी उस्तै सँग ।
हेर्दो हो कसरी,
अनुहारमा उन्को,
अनी उस्तै सानीको ।
भन्नेहरु भन्छन,
महिल हरु पनि के कम् ?
देख्छु धेरै लोग्नेहरुको ।
पल पल,
शब्द शब्द बिर्सिएर,
फेरी ,
पल पल,
शब्द शब्द कसरी बच्दहोलान?
उस्तै उस्तै
सपना कसरी बडदहोलन .
लोग्ने हुनुको अर्थ नै येहि होला ।

Fake email and life

मेरी प्यारी भन्दै,
तिमी आएऊ ।
बाडेउ ठुला ठुला,
प्रोजेक्ट र स्किम्हरु .
डिलिट नगरेर,
पछाइरहे ,
जहाँ जहाँ जे जे भनी रहेउ
पठाइरहे जे जे मागिबस्छौ
जब म सकिये,
उज्यालो थियो,
म नागै पनि ,
न छोप्न मिल्छ,
न सकिन्छ भाग्न नै
तिमी त
फेयेक् ईमेल रहेछौ,
न समाउने हाङ्यो
न टेक्ने रुख ।
जान्छ र सास पनि भन्ने बितिक्कै,
हत्केलाले मुख छोपेको भान गरेर,
छेकिदै छेकिदै बिजुलिका खम्बामा,
मरेर, सत प्रतिशत मरेर
जिएको नक्कल गर्दै छु ,
म पनि फेयेक् जिन्दगी
फगत बाचिरहेछु ।

New year 2015

खै कता हो,
किन हो
हराएको हरायै छ
नयाँ बर्ष केही बर्ष यता ।

लाएर मीत,
शितलहर सित,
सेताम्मे हिउसँगै,
कहिले चिप्लिएर,
कहिले पौडिएर,
भाग्दै भाग्दै,
हिंडेको छु खोज्दै,
नयाँ बर्ष केही बर्ष यता ।

हल्ला स्वार सुर,
दिएर जान्छ कतै ,
दम्म बिनाको,
कसी बिनाको,
हुर हुरे नयाँ बर्ष,
नौतन्की खोलमा,
पुरानो देखिएको छ ,
नयाँ बर्ष केही बर्ष यता